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Creative Content Development

About us

STV Digital team has been operating in marketing field over 5 years.

Through cooperation with international marketing and media companies team of experienced employees was formed.

Qualified web and graphic designers, programmers, video/audio specialists, producers, will take care of transforming your business into a visually modern and technologically developed product.




In the new challenges era, the digitalization of physical operations, visualization of services/products of business is a guarantee to maintain position and increase sales on both local and international markets



Relies on realization of internet’s full potential, on unique opportunity to access knowledge and information, on creating a digital culture, which grows modern industry intellectually and emotionally.



Through full digital service package, we establish real emotional connection with your customers, we speak to them visually and respond to their needs.


Ani Tatarintseva

Ani Tatarintseva

DIgital Projects Manager projets@stvdigital.com.ge

Tornike Sarsevanidze

Full Stack Developer web@stvdigital.com.ge
Tornike Sarsevanidze
Natia Korakhashvili

Natia Korakhashvili

Video Projects Manager producer@stvdigital.com.ge

Richard Mkhitarian

Video Graphic Engineer
Richard Mkhitarian
Giga Kandelakishvili

Giga Kandelakishvili

Sound Director



Coca-Cola Advertisement


Coca-Cola New year advertisement

McCann Tbilisi

McCann Tbilisi

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FANTA Advertisement

Fanta advertisement sound over and adaptation.

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VTB-Mastercard Advertisement

VTB-MASTERCARD’s advertisement by STV Prodaction.

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Web Site Creation and Development

  • UI / UX design
  • Responsive – adaptation on mobile/tablet
  • SEO optimization
  • E-commerce online payment system
  • User friendly – Customizable structure
  • Easy control panel
  • Social media integration


Choose Website Category:


  • Presentation
  • Corporate
  • Exclusive
  • Online Shop

UI/UX Design

  • Structural and visual development of the site
  • Logical distribution of content
  • Protecting the unity of branding
  • Customized visuals based on requirements
  • Unique design


Audio/Video production

  • Creation of advertising content
  • Adaptation of ads
  • Creation of 2D / 3D graphic ad, animation, special effects
  • Voice over, duplicate, music
  • Video capture / editing (Full HD, 4K)
  • Photo session / video shooting with a drone, editing
  • Creation of stories, movies
  • Production of promo, presentation, corporate and brand videos

SEO Optimization

  • Off-site and On-site SEO
  • Google Keywords integration
  • Correct tags and keywords development
  • High rankings on search engines

Creative Content Development

  • Develop marketing campaigns / ideas
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Audio / video clip idea developing

E-mail Marketing

  • Unique e-mail visuals
  • Commercial texts development
  • Rich e-mail base


  • Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Linkdn ..)
  • Strategic content planning
  • Digital advertising
  • Radio advertising


  • Web sites update
  • Monthly maintenance of web pages and applications
  • Providing hosting / domain
  • Site edition and the content update
  • Adding new pages
  • Correcting bugs
  • Copy and archive site BACKUP versions
  • Reporting