Your brand seen through the eyes of the customer

Your brand seen through the eyes of the customer

Don’t you wonder if there is something that can tell you exactly how your brand or product is perceived by customers? How is your brand message working and what is the feedback from your target audience?

When you create a product, you build a brand, you depend on how the customer perceives your brand.

Every campaign, and advertisement, to some extent, serves to create your brand identity.

That’s why good marketers know how to define the target audience, but does not matter how good the campaign is, you can’t determine what kind of result it will have until it ends.

However, there is a solution and it is Brand Lift!

What is a Brand Lift?

Brand Lift research allows us to determine how your marketing campaign or advertisement changes customer attitudes, behavior and brand perception.

  With the Brand Lift study, marketers can easily determine what are the effects of specific activities on the customer’s attitude towards the brand because Brand Lift research goes beyond the traditional “clicks and impressions” and provides a more detailed and accurate picture.

What can we determine with Brand Lift?

        Brand Lift helps us to understand whether the customer remembers our advertisement or not

        If the customer thinks about the brand or the product

        Does our target audience know our brand?

        What kind of attitude does the customer develop about the brand/ brand message?

        Are they going to buy the product?


Using the Brand Lift study is easy: after watching a running video or ad, the user receives a short questionnaire to answer.


Advantage of Brand Lift

Using brand lift can show us the results of the campaign in a wider and more interesting aspect, besides one of the main advantages of the Brand Lift is that you can track the results and change the effectiveness of the campaign in a few days while the campaign is still running.


The campaigns with Brand Lift

In 2019, the Norwegian Domino’s also used the Brand Lift study

Domino’s conducted brand lift research on Snapchat. The results showed that brand awareness increased by 11%, and response to advertising increased by 135%.

Course Hero is an online learning platform and they conducted brand lift research on Spotify. According to Brand Lift results, their target audience – students, increased by 50%, brand awareness increased by 36%, and Course Hero ads were mentioned by 40%.

In collaboration with STV Digital, we will conduct a brand lift study on the mobile app while customers view the ad.

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